SMA on Strade & Autostrade-June 2023

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TITANUS is the solution that was missing!
The first emergency gate in H4 class was designed and built by SMA Road Safety and installed on the Milano Serravalle – Milano Tangenziali S.p.A.
Below, the article published on Strade & Autostrade of June 2023, where you can discover the benefits of this innovation, entirely Made in Italy, which fills a gap in the road safety landscape and represents the choice of the best device for designers, contractors and road manager.
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SMA on Le Strade – May 2023

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Le Strade interviewed our Marketing Manager Stefano Maria Caterino about the importance of smart innovations for road safety.
The protagonist is Andromeda, the high-containment level intelligent barrier designed and manufactured by SMA Road Safety.
It is a modular barrier that can be used as median and vergeThe high containment capability (available in two levels H2 and H4B) and the few, simple and fast installation operations make suitable for bridge and highways. Its functionality of connecting the device with the road manager through the use of sensors and alert systems, is at the forefront of smart road view.
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SMA on Nova news- April 2023

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The opportunities for collaboration between Italy and India were the focus of the CEO Business Interactive Session organised in Rome by the Embassy of India at the presence of Piyush Goyal, Indian Minister of Commerce & Industry, and of Antonio Tajani, Vice Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
Among the 70 CEOs of Italian and foreign companies, Roberto Impero, CEO of SMA Road Safety, commented on the importance of being part of this new opportunity.
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SMA on Le Strade – March 2023

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Titanus is the only gate in H4 containment class that fills a legal and physical gap.
What are the technical characteristics? Where does innovation lie?
Stefano Maria Caterino, Marketing Manager of SMA Road Safety, answers these and other questions in the interview published in the  March issue of Le Strade.
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SMA on QN Motori – March 29th 2023

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1031 reports of unprotected or poorly protected obstacles in over 45 locations in 5 central Italian provinces (Turin, Milan, Venice, Bologna, Rome).
These are the results of the first project #stopkillingroads, the path on passive road safety made by SMA Road Safety and AFVS – Association Family and Victims of the Road Onlus.
Here is the article.

SMA on Il Sole 24 ORE – March 31st 2023

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“It is essential that the institutions provide much stricter controls on foreign products placed on our market, both on the strength of the same manufacturer” comments ROBERTO IMPERO, CEO of SMA Road Safety, in the feature article of Econopoly-  Il Sole 24 Ore on Made in Italy.
The road safety sector needs more stringent entry controls, in order to protect road users.
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