Steel absorbs the vehicle kinetic energy better than other materials, i.e. the plastic, during the crash.
The steel also optimize the structure in order to reduce the system size.
Finally, steel is not flammable and can’t cause combustions.
During the impact, while material like plastic shutters creating new risks for vehicle occupants, steel always keeps its compactness avoiding debris on the road.
Steel resists to high and low temperatures and it’s totally recyclable and not pollutant.


SMA Crash Cushions are perfectly suitable for the installation in tunnels for two main reasons:

  1. the reduced length of the system make it possible to place it in shorter areas(e.g. tunnels)
  2. the system is completely made of steel and therefore it is non-flammable and compliant according to the EN ISO 13943/2004 (Fire Safety).

It is not possible to install 2 SMA Parallel Crash Cushions side by side in order to cover a wider area.
The solution for this kind of situation consists in the installation of SMA Wide or Semi Wide devices, which have a wider shape than the parallels.

It is possible to carry out the installation according to three different ways:

  • Installation A: concrete basement with sockets,
  • Installation B: concrete basement with chemical anchors,
  • Installation C: chemical anchors on the asphalt

SMA Crash Cushions are suitable to shield obstacles in toll plazas according to different configurations

SMA products can be connected to several types of barriers and fixed obstacles through suitable connection elements. SMA R&D Dept. can design the most suitable solution to fit customer’s needs


For crash Cushion and End Terminals you only need to replace the internal absorbing cells after a standard frontal impact for system repair. For longitudinal br


The unit quantity into a container depends on the product model.
For example a 20” container can be loaded with n. 6 SMA 100P Crash Cushions, while a 40″ can be filled in with 12.
For further information please send an email to

Crash Cushions and End terminals are stacked each other up to a maximum of 3.
Longitudinal Barriers and Gates are stacked each other up to a maximum of 2

SMA devices will be delivered already mounted.


SMA Road Safety is currently looking for partners worldwide.Send an email to apply with information about your company, contact details and country Email address:


SMA products are not affected by sand or dust. The structure has been designed to be always performant without any need of regular maintenance.

Crash Test

SMA crash cushions have been tested according to the specifications of the European EN 1317 standard in order to get the homologation for the whole FAMILY of Road Restraint Systems.
The CE certifications have been obtained for the whole family by performing crash tests according to the EN 1317 Standard

The index ASI is intended to give a measure of the severity of the motion for a person within a vehicle during an impact with a road restraint system.
In order to be homologated, the Crash Cushion must have respected the Impact Severity Level:

Impact Severity LevelIndex Value
AASI ≤ 1
BASI ≤ 1,4

You can watch all Crash Test videos for SMA Products in the specific Product page of this website. Moreover, the SMA videos are also available on the Youtube channel

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