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01 Special book

“How I save your life” is the first book of Roberto Impero, CEO of SMA and the most important expert for the road safety in Italy. If you want to know more about crash cushions, read the dedicated chapter of his book

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02 Report case study for urban areas

SMA team is at your disposal to assist you in delivering the best road safety projects. Are you interested in learning more about SMA projects on worldwide roads? Ask us to receive our case studies.

If you are a municipality don’t miss out our report on urban areas.

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03 Abstract End Terminals

How to cover small obstacles such as guardrails and concrete barriers? Ermes is the versatile solution that helps reduce the project cost by 73% and increase road safety by 166%.
Discover our report on end terminals

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04 Focus on costs

Competitive products above all mean high quality with long-lasting assistance service.
And about the costs? You will find your answers in our report “How much does a crash cushion cost?

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