Installation of a SMA Crash cushion near an expansion joint

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May 17, 2015 1 min to read

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The Research & Development Dept. of A.M.S. has studied a specific solution for the installation of a SMA 80 P in order to protect the hazard close to a deviation made of two ramps.For this particular the request, it was necessary to install a crash cushion just before an expansion joint. Because the traditional anchoring system was not possible, our Engineers chose to fix the device on a plate made on coated steel, which was anchored only on one ramp.The plate was fixed only on the B side of the ramp (RAMPA B, Fig. 1), in order to allow to the joint to expand. SMA 80P crash cushion chosen in this case, between the entire range of SMA products, made by Industry A.M.S. srl and CE marked. Fig 2 shows the details of the anchoring system. The coated steel plate is fixed on the RAMPA B through nr. 15 threated bolts and chemical anchors.

To realize this kind of anchoring system our R&D Dept. has developed static and dynamic analysis.

During these phases it has been possible to evaluate the effect caused by the weight of the device on the plate and the anchoring system in relations to the displacement, stress and load on the threated bolts.

A numerical analysis of a crash test TC 4.2.80 (side impact with vehicle having mass of 1300 kg) and a crash test TC 1.2.80 ( head-on impact with vehicle having mass of 1300kg) have been performed. The crash test TC 4.2.80 is foreseen by European standard EN1317 and it is considered the hardest test for the stress caused on the threated bolts.


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