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Why choose SMA Devices

Easy to install

SMA devices are supplied pre-assembled therefore no time to waste to mount the device on site.

You only need to anchor it to the ground. Moreover, With the SMA App the installation will be guided step by step.

No maintenance

All SMA’ products are 100% made of steel. Steel makes the devices safer, because they are less bulky, do not lose debris, are not flammable, are recyclable and quick to restore.
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Small Size

Steel makes it possible to create small crash cushions. So they do not become an additional obstacle on the road.


No debris after impact

The steel structure ensures the absence of flying debris, dangerous for vehicles.


No risk of flame propagation

The steel resists high temperatures and does not fuel any fires. Therefore, SMA devices are suitable for obstacle protection in tunnels.


Post-impact recyclability

The high recyclability of steel allows recovery of up to 100% of the components of a damaged device, helping to reduce the environmental impact.


Easy to repair

As a result of the impact it is necessary to replace only the absorption system or the damaged side panels.

Maximum safety in minimal size

All SMA Devices are designed and manufactured based on these two guiding principles.

Indeed our devices guarantee great performance in terms of containment, repeatability and robustness but they also have minimal size. Either Leonidas, Ermes or Andromeda they all include the highest containment available on the market but also minimal dimensions. Pre-assembled SMA devices reduce the final project cost by 71%. The small size ensures more space to brake, minimizing the probability of impacting the obstacle.

Easy to restore

SMA barriers are all repairable after an impact and, thanks to their modular structure, restoration is easy and fast.

Furthermore, our SMA App can guide the restoration to make it even more simple. Imagine the benefit of being able to restore the safety of a road section in a very short time.

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