Why choosing SMA crash cushions?

SMA crash cushions fully meet the road safety requirements according to the EN 1317-3.

High safety

Top performances in terms of protection of car occupants.

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Reusability (80%)

Thanks to their strength, after a standard impact it is possible to change only the absorbing panels of the SMA crash cushion. Consequently SMA crash cushions are very simple and inexpensive to restore, as you can see from the pictures above.

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The shortest one

The SMA crash cushions are the shortest one among the others available on the market. This increases safety and allows to install them in place where previously it was not possible to do (tunnels and divergence areas).

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Easy to install

SMA crash cushions offer two installation options: the first one by using connecting screws (the nuts are embedded in the concrete basement) and the second one through chemical anchors. The first option avoids obstruction on the floor and it is particularly suitable to resist to repeated impacts.

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No maintenance required

SMA crash cushions require no maintenance, unless they have undergone an impact. Moreover due to their fire class and dimension they are tunnel compatible.

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High convenience

The total costs of the SMA crush cushion are very low because the time for the transportation and the installation is reduced. This is because SMA crash cushion are delivered completely assembled before the installation on the road and the manufacturing process is highly automated.

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