SMA Hercules

The compact Vehicle Restraint System tested for the American Standard MASH

The new American Standard MASH 2016 requires restraint systems tested with more severe criteria respect to the previous NCHRP 350.

In fact, Mash Standard for Crash Cushions requires the use of a pickup with mass 2270 kg (5004 lbs.). 

Hercules is the compact Non-Gating Redirective Crash Cushion designed to offer the maximum safety for the passengers of light and heavy vehicles 

Thanks to its high robustness, Hercules stops the errant vehicles and guarantees passenger safety.

The device is supplied already mounted and only needs to be anchored to the ground. 


Size and operating space

  Length Width Height  
Herules - TL3 5920 mm (19.42 ft) 590 mm (1.93 ft) 867 mm (2.84 ft) Scarica

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