SMA Armadillo

The first crash cushion for the protection of motor-bikers

The impact against the vehicle restraint systems can be very dangerous for the riders of two-wheelers.

SMA Armadillo is the suitable solution for the protection of the cusps and the fixed obstacles.

The system consists of a crash cushion and a cover properly designed in order to protect the motor-bikers from injuries.

Thanks to the aluminum cover, Armadillo guarantees the protection of the motor-bikers and the safety of the car drivers at the same time. 


Size and operating space

  Length Width Height  
Armadillo 50 km/h 1300 mm 800 mm 1100 mm Scarica

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They talk about an extraordinary victory against the attempt to copy our crash cushion! The article, edited by Le Strade for the issue of December 2018, is available here. Enjoy the reading