SMA Semi Wide

The one Crash Cushion for asimmetric cusps

General Features

SMA Semi Wide perfectly protects the asimmetric cusps thanks to its right-angled trapezoidal shape.

Semi Wide Crash Cushion is installed in front of fixed obstacles where the shape of the cusp presents a straight side, parallel to the main road, and a diagonal side, in conformity with the profile of the roadway entrance/exit.   

Thanks to its special shape, SMA Semi Wide prevents the vehicle impact against hot spots on the roads. 


 Semi Wide

Size and operating space

  Length Width Height  
80 SemiW 2990 mm 1500 mm 770 mm Scarica
80 SemiW-S 2990 mm 1230 mm 770 mm Scarica
80 SemiW-L 2990 mm 1900 mm 770 mm Scarica
100 SemiW 4830 mm 1685 mm 770 mm Scarica
100 SemiW-S 4830 mm 1410 mm 770 mm Scarica
100 SemiW-L 4835 mm 2120 mm 770 mm Scarica
110 SemiW 6130 mm 1810 mm 770 mm Scarica
110 SemiW-S 6130 mm 1540 mm 770 mm Scarica
110 SemiW-L 6130 mm 2270 mm 770 mm Scarica

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The attribute "redirective" linked to a road restraint system, whether it is a crash cushion or an end terminal, refers to the way such device redirect the impacting vehicle on the carriageway, in order to avoid: the possibility that such vehicle...